The results I got after going three weeks without a cup of coffee.
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I Stopped Drinking Coffee for 3 weeks and Here’s What Happened…

I’m currently on a detox at the moment, not because I feel like I need to lose weight, but because I made a smashing tiramisu the other day and my body needs to breathe (no, NOT the juice cleanse). I’m not one for a buffet of sweets, but being stuck in a town where there’s only one coffee shop and a lot of old people is making me a bit nuts. And after all, comfort food is comfort food.

I mean, I do love Norway… I do…

But that’s not what you’re here for… but maybe a coffee detox wouldn’t hurt!

Giving up coffee?!

We coffee drinkers can usually raise our right hand and declare our habit proudly. Oh yes, I was never ashamed to tell people I loved coffee and drank a lot of it.

Whether it’s a soy latte, a sugary Starbucks delight, or just straight black, it’s the morning’s wake up call and you can’t do without it. I know this all too well, and could never get on with my day without a cup of brew without having to drag my feet out the door. I liked to tell myself it was the taste, but…

It’s an addiction!

Yes, friends, caffeine is a real addiction (or the taste of bitter dark goodness). I got to the point where if I didn’t have coffee I would be a walking zombie. My daily caffeine fix was putting me at a norm for the day, and without it, I couldn’t function at all. And after that, I would have withdrawals!

I was like the cookie monster on steroids.

(Isn’t he a veggie monster now?)

Not the point. But that’s sad.

Firstly, let me say, I am not a nutritionist. And secondly, I did not give up coffee out of the blue on my own terms. I was having these coughing fits, and when I looked up what it might be and how to get rid of it, there was a list of foods and drinks I needed to cut from my diet. Heartbreakingly, coffee was on the list.

So I gave it up.

After several days, my throat stopped being so dry and I could finally sleep again. After a week, I stopped waking up tired. And after another week, I never felt like I needed a cup of joe.

I must say, that starting out did suck. I felt drowsy, I couldn’t go get coffee at the shop, and I constantly yearned for the warm taste I was used to. Because there’s nothing better than a cup of coffee to go with a great book.

But after overcoming the terrible withdrawals, I came out victoriously and independent from caffeine.

A few things did help me quit, if you will. One, was drinking tea. Not strong, caffeinated, black tea, but green tea. Sometimes I had it with a little honey, then I just started drinking it as it is. It soothed my throat and after some time, I could feel my body thanking me for the cleanse.

Another thing that massively helped was working out every morning. It’s a natural boost of energy, and followed by a refreshing shower and breakfast, I felt more than ready. Even if getting myself to roll out of bed and into a sports bra was a pain in the bootay.

I have a cup of coffee every now and then (well, after this detox is up), but I never feel like it’s a necessity in my morning routine, and it is so freeing. But the simple pleasure of indulging in freshly roasted beans shall always remain.

Are you a coffee monster too, or do you have a raving alternative?


2 thoughts on “I Stopped Drinking Coffee for 3 weeks and Here’s What Happened…”

  1. Coffee is definitely amazing. When I started out, it really was something I drank a lot too! Luckily I just got too lazy to keep making it so I don’t have it as often. I can definitely attest to the morning workouts though! In high school I had them every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and they sucked (a lot) but I was definitely more alert throughout the day. Just wish I wasn’t so tired for my first class. Keep it up!

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