First Look

Oh man. Oh boy. Here it is. Here we go.

I’ve had several people tell me I should post my outfits, and in all sorts of honesty, I’ve been quite terrified to.


Well. The way I dress is very revealing of who I am, and posting pictures of what I wear opens up the door for judgement. I know, I know, who cares? Not me. (But I do!)


Another reason is that I’m wildly insecure about my body. And before you roll your eyes, let me finish. The internet is a scary place and the I’m not of the beauty-standard-majority-blah. I won’t go into detail now, but I’m learning to embracing it. And really, it’s only another reason I want to give this a go. Showing other girls you don’t have to have a supermodel body to rock it. Because for so long I’ve been following bloggers with a style I love but I body that fits into clothes differently than mine.


My style mostly laid back, though I like to ‘dress up’ if you will, when I’m feeling confident. Normally I do this on inappropriate days, but who cares. Dress how I want, when I want. I’m guilty for closet raiding big time. Mostly because I have nothing to wear (HA ha Song you have TOO MANY CLOTHES).

YEAH. I DO. And it needs major gutting. Too bad my clothes are spread across the world (they actually are).


Lately I’ve been into everything oversized, hence, men’s clothes. But have you ever wandered into the men’s section? Sometimes they have better stuff than us. Oversized tops and sweaters paired with short shorts is my dig, and I’m so not ready to let go of shorts season yet (even if it never came to Norway—it’s cold as heck).



(Jack & Jones shirt; Levi’s shorts; Steve Madden boots)


These are my absolute favorite boots. I could find a way to make them go with just about anything. I have a tendency to dress like a teenage boy at times (oops) but some jewellery and heels can go a long way. And if you live in Scandinavia, there is one style (which I don’t quite abide by) and I’m pretty certain I stick out like a sore thumb. This doesn’t faze me much, and it might also be true in London as I tried to wear sandals when it was clearly not sandal season. (Bring me back to California?…)

So here’s to revealing how I really feel about fashion, and to maybe boost a little confidence too. Dress the way you want!





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