Pinstripe Pants and Life Updatre

Zara pants here // Bik Bok sweater here // Adidas sneakers here

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Oh dear, it has been a while. Welcome back, Song!

I know I’ve been terrible at keeping up with posting, but I promise I’ll update you with a list of petty excuses that have occupied my time. But first I need to talk about these pants.

Can we please clarify that pants are “pants” and not underwear? I keep having this misunderstanding here in England and still can’t agree that underwear can be called underwear and pants, when they are completely different articles of clothing. Just call underwear underwear for god’s sake. Asking someone to take their pants off in Britain is something on a new level.

Anyway. My pants.

These are by far my favorite pair of pants at the moment. They have a belt loop that’s perfect for a more put together look and the pinstripes save it from being too dull. But the best part is that they are beyond comfortable. They’re essentially pajama pants for the day. And it’s perfect for when you don’t want jeans squeezing the life out of your thighs.

I’ve paired it with this black high neck sweater (partly because I can’t stop wearing it). Especially now that it’s getting cold, it’s nice to feel snuggly all day without feeling like a potato. ‘Slouchy chic’ I like to say (or make myself believe…). And jewellery can go a long way, honey. But this could be easily dressed up with a simple blazer.

But bringing this back to life. Let me shower you with excuses as to why I’ve been M.I.A.

I’ve been back at Drama Centre for 5 weeks now and it’s swallowed me whole, considering I spend every waking moment in that building doing something strange, presumably. I hardly have time to eat and sleep. Well… there’s always time for food. But I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to. Not cooking or writing (which is just sad!).

On the positive end of things, my confidence has shot up massively and I feel like I have everything under control. Strangely enough. My life in London this year is a complete polar opposite to what it was last year.

I have a home now. And I love it. Every time people come over, they give me the eye as if I’m crazy because I live in a warehouse but it’s amazing! I will admit I had my scepticisms about it at first, but I honestly love where I live (apart from the asshole band next door). Everyone is creative and weird and my room is super art deco and MINE.

Have I mentioned I have had my own a room is like… 5 years?

I haven’t been writing much recently. The lack of doing most things is due to school at the moment, on top of starting a new job. Dolce and Gabbana have just started a massive takeover of Harrods here in London and I’m involved in the magical chaos of it. All of this might make me collapse at any moment but oh man is it exciting!

To be a little more personal, everything seems a little brighter. Opposed to my usual melancholic self. I don’t know if I’ve felt quite this free before. I have the most amazing humans for friends. I’ve haven’t started despising school. I’ve been enjoying London a little more, little bit at a time.

I guess my biggest excuse for disappearing is school. Apart from overbooking myself on a few social occasions… but we all need to wind down, am I right? I promise to be better about writing. I have so many things to share with you all. But I am feeling good.



Song xx

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