Why You Should Be Taking Bigger Risks

Why take a risk when you have a stable option? Because it’s scary? Because it’s unpredictable?

Why in the world would you want everything to be predictable?

Surprises are the bomb diggity.

If you’re already thinking no way, Song, you speak STUPIDITY… allow me to reason. And explain what wonders a risk can be in your life.

When something “crazy” is mentioned, people generally sigh and mumble, “sounds risky…” But what actually makes something risky? It can’t be the fact that there’s consequence; every decision we make has consequence. Maybe it’s the unknown. The fact that it’s out of the comfort zone—that the outcome is not familiar.

We fear what we don’t know. Simply because we aren’t familiar with it. And that makes us terribly uneasy.


For most, change is terrifying. Because it’s something we haven’t experienced before, and we only have so much control over it. Though, I do have a different view on this (I’m convinced I’m addicted to change; but I’ll talk about this some other time). And, for that exact reason, is why we should be risk taking.

You’ll make discoveries!

How can you ever know what something is like if you’ve never tried it? Well… you can’t. You’ll never know if you like the theatre until you go yourself. Or a football game. You’ll never know if you like chocolate pie unless you’ve tasted it! You might find a new hobby, passion, or pleasure that you hadn’t had in your life before (and I don’t mean drugs!). Maybe one of these things will lead to a future career.

The reward could be priceless.

They call them risks for a reason—it could all terribly wrong! But you wouldn’t risk the chance of sliding down a gravel pit face first if the other end of the spectrum wasn’t worth it. Nothing good ever came easy. One of the biggest risks I’ve taken is going to drama school on the other side of the world… Sometimes I still think it’s a silly idea, but there’s nothing that could replace this experience. Not even the struggle that comes with it. And when I’m done here, I might up in the dumps of a cardboard box—or I could be doing what I love at the highest level.

Who knows!

That’s why we try. Or else you might be sitting around for the rest of your life wondering what if.

It could change your life.

The best part about unpredictability is that you don’t know what will happen. That’s redundant as nuts but it’s true. What if you went to Italy on a whim and met the love of your life? Life isn’t a picture-perfect movie, but you never know. I’ve met so many people in London I couldn’t imagine my life without… and I almost didn’t come! I can’t emphasize how much financial matters impose on our decisions (for me especially), but there is a way. Not without consequence or sacrifice, but there’s a risk and a way that it will work.

You might even surprise yourself by finding something new and keeping it in your life. Whether it is a place to live, meeting a person that offers other opportunities or perspectives, or maybe that you didn’t want something you wanted before. I don’t know! We’re all different. But you’ll never find out until you leap into the dark and light it from inside.



Song xx

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