Advice I Would Tell My Younger Self

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Oh uh, I guess it’s that time of year… HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Cheers to the break at last. I did say it was going to get better at this posting thing but I indirectly lied. I had full intention of writing something juicy and no time to walk the walk. So I do apologize. To fill you in a bit, I had an amazing term doing drama related mumbo jumbo. And last week I got soaked by a truck while walking to the station.

That wasn’t so great, I just wonder why people drive so close to the GODDAMN SIDEWALK!

Anyways. Besides the increasingly cold weather, these last few months have been some good ones. It had me thinking about my miserable years of the recent past and even high school Song. All the things I wish I’d been told or known back then. I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences for the world, because it’s shaped me the way I am now.

But High School Song was miserable.

There are things I wish I’d known, but couldn’t ever have known without experiencing it, and there are things I wish I’d simply been told. I mean, I guess both could overlap each other, but let’s face it—there are lots of things you can never fully understand without experiencing it for yourself. But there are pieces of advice that can be used as a heads up (and I suppose if it were coming from an older me I might believe it, eh?).

So I’ll try to keep it to that.

Ignorance isn’t necessarily bliss.

Sure, this might be partly true… but it can also come back to bite you in the bum. Don’t be ignorant of the world, Song. Know what’s happening around you. Know what’s happening not around you. Keep yourself in the loop, because something you’re trying to ignore might be a threat to you (not necessarily a life threatening threat… but if that’s what keeps you alert then so be it). But be careful not to let knowing hinder your ability to go about your day. Lock it somewhere in the back of your mind. And guess what—knowing will eliminate the paranoia of assumption.

It does matter what they say… Now prove them wrong.

Just kidding, it doesn’t really matter. But you should care a little bit only enough to stand up for yourself and not let “what they say” bring affect your well-being. You have the right to call them liars if they are. If you want to go do something crazy, go freaking do it. There will always be people that are going to attempt to make your dreams less important than they actually are. People are going to tell you that it’s silly. They may say things about you that are untrue—don’t let them convince you it is true because it’s not! Take their disbelief and use it as fuel. You know better. You’re a smart girl. And they’re probably just jealous. Which brings me to my next point.

Your dreams are important.

Stop calling them silly and crazy and over ambitious! Just because they might be to others, doesn’t mean they are for you. It’s perfectly reasonable that you should want to be a movie star and build a tower at the same time. And for gods sake, they aren’t just dreams. Take yourself seriously and everyone else will. If you’re not dream chasing, then what? You don’t desire the stable life, Song—don’t get stuck in a stagnant state of being. You’ll go crazy. If you’re not doing what makes you happy, then what’s the point?

Taking a break isn’t a bad thing.

Remember to relax. Those endless nights of writing is okay every now and then but be careful not to burn yourself out. You’ll juice all the life out of you without knowing it. I know the unproductive anxiety will linger on for a while; in fact, I don’t think it will ever go away completely. And that’s totally okay. But if you feel the need to rest, sleep, watch the game on TV, then do so. You’re allowed to take breaks. You need to take breaks. Or else you’ll set yourself on fire and melt through the surface until it’s dark.

Keep learning—and for god’s sake, READ!

Books are not an abomination. IT WILL ENRICH YOUR SOUL. Pick up a novel and don’t hide it from your mother, for crying out loud… She’s going to give you a hard time for never taking after her bookworm ways, but what do you expect? Get over it. It’s not worth the resistance. There are so many worlds that you’ll never see, people you’ll never meet, emotions you might never feel if you don’t read some goddamn stories. They are beautiful. And it’s going to improve your writing tenfold. Trust me. You won’t be able to put the book down after long—you’ll be writing a book of your own soon. There are so many things that you don’t know yet, so don’t close yourself off to them. Learning is fun. Allow yourself that much.

You are worth it.

Cliché alert—don’t roll your eyes please. Clichés aren’t all bad. Don’t fall into a slump because you think your life is falling apart. Take initiative and find something that does make you happy. Because I promise you this much—there is something in this world that will make you smile. I promise. It’s okay to feel sad for a little bit, but it won’t do you good for a lifetime. You’re supposed to suffer so that the good things seem brighter. Let them shine! You don’t have to soak up the negative things people tell you. And you sure as hell won’t gain anything from saying negative things back. You only deserve the best. Because nothing else will ever be good enough for you.




Song xx


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