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sweater: WEEKDAY here // shorts: h&m // boots: Zara // baseball cap: h&m here // earrings: gina tricot

PHOTOS: Andrew Buzzeo

Good evening, friends! I must say, I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with the interwebs, AND school has started. I must give myself credit. (Don’t give yourself so much credit, Song… you’re two days in). Don’t worry–I shall persist.

I’m not going to lie–London is cold at the moment. But not cold as Alaska, and since I like to pride myself in being capable of braving the cold, I’ve dragged my shorts into the winter season. I confess, I’m not actually great with the cold, BUT I have figured out how to dress as if I could without getting hypothermia. Not that it stops from everyone commenting on how cray cray I am for wearing shorts. I get “aren’t you cold?!” all day long. Only an Alaskan would brave the cold in shorts, huh?

Oh well.

I’ve practically been living in this sweater since the year started. I was actually going to buy something entirely different, and I saw this green treasure on my way to the till and the bought it instead. I knew for a fact that it was going to become my new go-to. It is now the future and I can confirm that it is indeed a reliable go-to in my closet and I may possibly wear it to much. But who could blame a girl? It’s comfy and can easily be dressed up with some sparkly jewels. And it’s perfect for lounging in if you’re on a spontaneous night to a friends, or for when you get home.

The shorts/knee-high boot combo has also been a guilty go-to this season. My rationality behind this is that the boots are tall enough to keep my legs warm, and if it’s especially cold, just throw on a pair of tights (problem solved!). To tell you the truth, it works. And the pair goes with any sweater in the closet. Or a cozy, oversized sweater dress!  These boots go with everything, and I could walk in them for days. They’re absolutely perfect for those days I accidentally have to sprint into school.

One of my goals/bucket list/improvements for 2018 is to wear more color (because, if you know me, I don’t wear much more than black and grey). I refuse to call it a resolution because those never live long, do they. So here we are–one step at a time–a real color in my wardrobe!


Song xx


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